About Me

Uhm. Me? You want to learn about me?


I'm a 33 year old librarian and author living in the Los Angeles area with my husband and roommate. We have three cats.

My roommate claims I'm a hick, and I kind of laugh and shrug, because well...we did have goats, chickens, and rabbits when I grew up. We did eat them.

That's a little unusual for the suburbs of Los Angeles, but I had no idea how odd it was until I hit high school. C'mon, I grew up in Sunland! I heard that at some point after we moved out, they paved the street I used to live on. Holy crap!

I love urban fantasy. I've been reading it ever since I was introduced to the genre in middle school, but I've been writing it since before I had any idea what urban fantasy was! I never thought about doing anything with it, though, until my good friend Jess Haines became a published author.

Anyway, this is me on a club night. I don't wear a leash and collar to work. I swear.

Thanks for visiting!