Monday, May 19, 2014

A New Beginning...

Well then...

I've started this blog more or less on a whim, so the content and appearance of Crimson and Sugar will probably change quite a bit before I get settled with what makes me happy.

Why Crimson?
My stories tend to have a certain premise: Bad things happen. I'm not all that interested in stories that are driven by the main character's questionable decision making skills. Oh, sure, sometimes people make bad choices, but for the most part, if the fur is flying, odds are some villain has decided to impose his idea of reality on innocent people, and it's up to my heroes to stop him.

My heroes aren't always nice people.

I've tried writing sweet and fluffy romance. I've tried. I love reading the stuff! Good, clean regency romance is my drug of choice when I'm not writing. But, something in my personality isn't letting it happen. Maybe I'm getting my aggression and disillusionment with humanity down on paper instead of taking it out on my coworkers, or something. That's as good a coping strategy as any, right? Beats drinking myself to sleep. Cut me some slack - I work with the public.

Why Sugar?
I like sweets. Sometimes I bake cookies.

My goal is to make for some entertaining reading on your lunch break a couple of times a week. I have a rather fun, unnamed story that I'll be sharing with you. When it's complete, I'll polish it up and make the entire manuscript available to download for free. Yes, free.

The downside? I won't be able to pay for it to be professionally edited, so you might have to grit your teeth and accept the occasional typo or peculiar phrasing. It's a free read. Deal with it.

If I'm not sharing The Unnamed Story with you, I'll be posting whatever's on my mind. Guest posts -- specifically by librarians and authors -- recipes, why I didn't make my word count goal this week, or maybe how Silver Burned (work in progress, sequel to Silver Bound) is progressing.

DISCLAIMER: Silver Burned is a working title, and subject to change.

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